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Helping men reach their full potential...

To date, over 2,000 men have experienced an Edge Venture weekend….will you be next?

Two days.
One decision.

Are you in?

Edge Venture is focused on helping men defeat lies that have been holding them back for far too long. These lies get in the way of relationship(s) with your:

  • Wife

  • Friends

  • Children

  • God


Can you allocate 44 hours of your time to take back ground from the enemy? That is an Edge Venture weekend. Deeply experiential, radically relational, and focused on allowing God to help men take back control of their lives.


Watch our video and discover what Edge Venture is all about!


Edge Venture IS ABOUT…

  • Honoring Jesus

  • Speaking Truth

  • Safe Environments

  • Defeating Lies


At Edge Venture, WE SEEK…

  • Wisdom from The Father

  • Strength from The Son

  • Power through The Holy Spirit

  • Peace with others


Edge Venture is NOT about…

  • Presentations

  • Games

  • Private Self-Reflection

  • Judgements


Ask Yourself…

  • Do you have regrets?   

  • What’s your “hiding place” away from reality?  

  • Is SHAME keeping you from being the man God wants you to be?

  • Is FEAR or FAITH driving your life and choices?   


Your life can be different. This weekend will be a huge step towards how you really want to live your life. It starts with one decision.

Are you in?

Don’t come if…

…you’re looking for a Christian weekend with guest speakers and play time this IS NOT the weekend for you.


“My weekend at Edge Venture changed my life! I have never had an experience like this, ever. The men who staff Edge brought me to a place where I could receive a transformational healing from Jesus.”

Our Mission

Edge Venture is a Christian Men’s Experience that helps men understand and accept who Jesus has called them to be by identifying and facing their brokenness and receiving healing.

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