The Edge Oneness Weekend

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The EDGE Oneness Weekend

The Oneness Weekend is an experiential weekend for those who are married and long for a stronger relationship with more emotional intimacy and better communication.  This is a gentle, loving weekend is designed with biblical and relational processes that will help each couple experience more emotional, physical, and spiritual joy with their spouse.

This weekend will help you bring new life to your relationship by:

  • Experiencing again why you fell in love in the first place
  • Coaching you to see your spouse in a way you have never seen them before!
  • Cultivating a deep emotional connection with your spouse
  • Building a new foundation of trust and commitment
  • Learning how to view your spouse with ‘Compassionate Curiosity’
  • Helping you understand some of your internal battles and how they affect your relationship
  • Allowing you to see the judgements you’ve made that is currently affecting your relationship
  • Teaching you how to “pause” and go to God before reacting to your spouse
  • Helping you discover how to step into your True Self in times of judgement and conflict

Each weekend is geared with a focused investment into each participant couple.  In order to do so, we have limited the weekend to 6 participant couples and 6 staff couples.  The weekend is overseen by Dr. Timothy K. Broe and is staffed by qualified and experienced couples who have also attended this weekend themselves.  In a place of grace and non-judgement, this is a safe place to be honest and open about what is really going on, and to learn and grow in your relationship with your spouse.


Upcoming Weekend Dates (Click on the date below to be taken to the registration page):
February 1-2, 2020
February 8-9, 2020

LOCATION:  Broe Rehab, 33634 West Eight Mile Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan  48335

PRICE:  $295 per couple.  Price includes all materials, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday. A $100 deposit by PayPal or credit card is necessary to secure your place.

WAITING LIST:  Once the weekend has the 6 maximum participating couples, a short waiting list will be established.  You will be notified immediately, and you can choose to remain on the waiting list or to choose an upcoming weekend.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Should you need to cancel for any reason, your deposit will be credited to a future weekend of your choice.

HOTEL:  You are responsible for choosing your own hotel near the conference site, and we will email you with a list of options nearby.  Although it is not mandatory for everyone to get a hotel on Saturday night, we encourage every couple to do so.  Parents living in the Detroit metro area with children living at home are strongly encouraged to book a hotel in order to maintain an unbroken flow of the weekend.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES:  We ask that you put away your electronic devices throughout the weekend, as this is an important time for you to invest in your relationship.  There will be an emergency number for people to call if your attention is needed, and we will get that message to you ASAP.  This will honor the investment of your time and allow you to focus more fully on yourself and your spouse.

To register for one of the upcoming weekends, please click the link HERE

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