I am a skeptic. Ask anyone who knows me well. Anytime someone tells me something of value I want to know where it came from, who did the research, and whether or not there is corroboration from independent sources on this claim. After all, that’s how I became a Christian, I looked at the evidence both inside and outside of the Bible and put my trust in Jesus.  So, I suspect you can guess how I reacted when my brother-in-law asked me to come to an Edge weekend but went onto say that he really couldn’t tell me all of the inner workings of the weekend. Little did I know that the primary reason he didn’t tell me wasn’t because of cult-secrecy or anything of that nature; rather, it was because if he had told me every detail it would have been liken to ruining a great movie.

Edge Venture is a Christian men’s ministry that equips men to have a stronger relationship with Jesus as well as tearing down the public-personification of manhood and erecting a real, biblically-minded man, who creates legitimate relationships with God, their families, and friends. How do they do that? As I said, I can’t spoil the film but what I can tell you is that as someone who enjoys theology, Edge Venture is a theologically sound ministry that looks to Jesus for their direction, not to man. Which is pretty important in the age of feel-good, prosperity teaching (Looking at you, Osteen).

So let’s talk about what the weekend is not. It’s not a social club where everyone has hours of free-time to read and so forth. On the Edge website they state: “Edge Venture is an incredible experiential retreat that is sure to impact your life & relationships! If you’re looking for a Christian weekend with guest speakers and free time this IS NOT the weekend for you” (emphasis theirs). Impact is a good word because that is specifically what Edge weekend did in my life, impact and change.

My testimony you ask? I got into a spot in my life where I was juggling a lot of plates. Full-time school, full-time career, part-time ministry, and a family with a new baby girl. Life was moving pretty fast. One thing I never felt, however, was burnout. I had a lot of good friends who expressed concern that I was burning out but I truly wasn’t. I was feeling something, but burned out wasn’t it. What I was feeling was insufficiency. I had been handed a lot of responsibility, chiefly by God, all of this while only being 25. I felt like I wasn’t good enough to be doing the things I’d been called to do. I hit a wall; so going into this weekend I knew what my primary issue was, I just didn’t think anyone could solve it. Mainly because I wasn’t able to solve it and if I couldn’t solve it who could? Answer: God.

I truly believe that through Edge, God worked on my life and my soul and taught me that doubt or insufficiency wasn’t what I was called for. Feeling doubt about my position in life wasn’t what I was to be wasting my time on. Through a lot of good brothers in Christ, I was able to get past this and not only move past it, but vanquish it. To date (exactly two months as of this writing), not once have I felt like I did before stepping into the Edge weekend. Those feelings have been gone and haven’t controlled me. Praise God.

So friends, get in a plane, train, car, or bus and make it to Edge. It will change your perspective on so many things. Edge is something that you can only truly understand experientially. Someone cannot tell you about Edge to give you the benefit of understanding; you have to go through it. If you want more information on Edge, reach out to the men who lead it. They’d be glad to answer your questions. Checkout their website for more information as well as dates for upcoming weekends. Lord willing, I am planning on going back to staff some weekends—maybe I will see you there.

Grace and Peace,

Rob Johnson